Amor Wonder

Leading Praise and Worship at the Night of Praise 2017 in OFM Maryland

December 2017.

Praising God at the Night of Praise, Omega Fire Ministries, Maryland

Singing "Great Elohim" in front of a crowd of donors at the IYA Foundation Fundraiser, Maryland

April 14, 2018.

Performing at the IYA Foundation. It was a great moment to connect with the crowd as the name of our Lord was glorified. 

Singing "Great Elohim" in front of a crowd of donors at the IYA Foundation Fundraiser, Maryland

Talented Gospel singer and writer

 Hola! I'm Amor, a christian / gospel singer/song writer, recording artist and praise and worship minister.

Besides being one of my biggest passions, this is also an assignment from God. Currently praise and worship leader at my local church, Omega Fire Ministries MD, and part of Doulos worship band, Cornerstone Church,Bowie.

Born to African parents, both singers ( Cameroonian father and Equato Guinean mom), and last child of four, who all happened to be music lovers, I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I don't remember a day going by at home without the record or cassette player (for those who know what that is, taking you back to the 80's.. lol) or CD player, playing from morning till evening! There was always a joyful and lively atmosphere in the house! Music is life, as the saying goes!

At a very tender age I realized I loved to sing. During my free time i would sing all the songs I heard, from church hymns, to R and B, African rhythms, Hindu songs, you name it. I loved to sing! I began writing too. Some times I would forget the melody that came with the words, but I was able to sing some of the songs to my self, lol! 

At school I started taking part in musical presentations and eventually joined acapella  groups and school choirs. Shy as I was, I would somehow still find a way to stand before a crowd and sing! I remember being part of this group at school called Angelic Voices. We did  sound angelic, believe me and even when I felt nervous, there was something inside of me that kept pushing me. I later discovered..

When I encountered the Lord Jesus personally and surrendered my life to God, it all made more sense to me. I quickly discovered this was what I was born to do and felt fulfilled singing, praise and worship songs to God and singing in church.  Family and friends took notice that I was destined for this! They loved to hear me sing. Many said they were blessed. I had so much encouragement around me.

Many years later, after a period of "lost passion" for what I considered the reason I was created, God reignites His fire in me and equips me for that which He called me. Inspires me like I never dreamed of. Stands by me, walks with me and backs me up to do His will. Simply amazes me how God's plan for your life will always come to pass, no matter the obstacles.

He is my inspiration and everything He gives me, is not only for me, but largely for the world out there, the broken, the lonely, the  rejected, the weak, and even the strong and joyful.

My desire and earnest prayer to God is that His Word through my music and worship would restore, transform, save, deliver, heal; bring us to experience Him more intimately and come to the full knowledge of who God created us to be.

Smile for He made you a wonder in your time for the world to be blessed! 

Bring it forth for His glory


Be blessed!

Posing at the IYA FoundationFundraiser Event in Maryland

April 14, 2018.

At the IYA Foundation. Striking a pose before the performance.

Singing "Great Elohim" in front of a crowd of donors at the IYA Foundation Fundraiser, Maryland
Posing at the IYA FoundationFundraiser Event in Maryland
Lord, You are indeed Faithful
Leading Worship in Night of Praise, 2017

All I can say is thank You my Father, thank You my Lord for Your goodness and faithfulness. Unmerited!

December 2017.

Night of Praise. Omega Fire Ministries, Maryland

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