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Privacy Policy


We are humbled to have you as a fan and we want you to know that we value your privacy. As a result, this Privacy Policy will help you understan what we will and will not do with any information gathered and provided, to ensure that you visit Amor Wonder’s page and services with confidence.

We reserve the right to make chages to this policy at anytime. However, wheneever such changes are made, those in our email list will be notified.

By using, you are agreeing to this policy’s terms and conditions regarding the data collection process and your privacy.

Please note that though we will not share your information, we cannot control what other sites, some of which we may once in a while refer to, will do with your information as long as you visit them.

Notr that for the most part, we will only require your names and email address. Your personally identifiable information is only required when making secure thoughtlessness our site.

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