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Amor Wonder- With All That I Am - video shoot 

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Hello fam, trust your week is going great😊

So, last week we shot the official video for my newly released single With All That I Am.

My very first time ever doing this.. I don't need to tell you I was nervous😆🤦🏾‍♀️

However as I prayed and prepared for this, it dawned on me that this time would be no different from the times I worshipped God in private;

Or sang with the choir in church. Or even lead a congregation to worship. I would be worshipping, ministering; not acting and performing.

My prayer and wish was and is; to be able to convey through every action, all that we experienced inwardly as we worshipped to the words of the song - With all that I am.

As much as I was concerned about how I and everyone else would look on camera, our focus had to be on Jesus, worshipping genuinely, as we sang and played.

And did I say how blessed I was to work with a team of amazing people, true worshippers ❤

Everything and everyone was in such perfect oneness and harmony, even the weather😆🙏

We had something like 65 degrees in January 😆 God is good. Perfect weather👌🙏

My heart is filled with awe and thankfulness to God and everyone else supporting and encouraging me on this.

So many names to mention. I'll do that in a seperate special post!

I'm so excited and can't wait for you to watch the full video

I will be sharing more interesting moments with you❤

Stay tuned

Stay blessed

Stay wonderful 🥰

Amor Wonder

~With all that I am

{Revelation 4:11} Here to worship, created for your pleasure, Lord. So it's with all that I am, that I worship you

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