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Moments from our videoshoot - With all that I am 

Shooting a video for our latest single, With All That I Am was an incredible experience!

Every single moment so special and intense! Hearts for worship and so much passion.

It's a huge blessing to have such selfless people in the body of Christ, with a heart to service and immeasurably love for God🙏

🎶Lord I worship You

With all that I am

Giving You my best

You deserve nothing less

I worship You Lord

With all that I am 🙌

#psalm 103 ; #Revelation 4:11

Shooting outdoor was an incredible idea. It was a state of perfect harmony. Even the elements of nature like the wind worshipped our Great God. The weather was so beautiful, in the middle of winter! Simply amazing

God was present🙌

I'm forever thankful for this priveledge to serve God and his people; and for the opportunity to share what God gave me with you and the rest of the world! It's an indescribable experience and feeling!

I can't wait to share full video with you all 😘

In just a few days. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay in the loop 😊👇

Much love from us 💌

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