The Command to praise God

#PraisingGod is an instruction, a #command to all his children.

The bible, instructs us at several instances on this;

today we focus on #Psalm105.

First we as God's people are called to praise him, giving him thanks and expressing gratitude for what he has done for us, exalting his name for the Mighty God he is and the things he has done which no one can do.

Second, we are commanded to proclaim his great works, to declare his name and testify of his goodness to the world, to those who may not know him. Part b of verse 1 says , " make known among the nations what he has done"

We might be in a situation where we feel we have nothing to be thankful for in our personal lives at the moment, probably because we have not yet received answers to our prayers. #Psalm105:5 instructs us to #remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, his judgements.

Remember what God did in the past.

All the miracles and wonders he performed as seen in his Holy Word.

Remember the miracle of creation, including your very self!

You are a miracle, #AWONDER!

How about we remember the things he has done and is doing in the lives of our friends, relatives and those we may not know, and start praising him for that!