Who Will You Serve?

Choose now!

Who do you worship?

Who will you serve?

Choose today!

So many times, over and over again we get so carried away, distracted and busy with our own lives, goals and passions - that we tend to make gods out of all these things.

And we worship them, unknown to us!

We fail to give God the place he deserves in our life.


And so Lord here we are again,

Laying down our lives at your feet all over again.

We choose to serve you.

To worship you alone.

Laying aside any idol we have put before you; every god we have made for ourselves.

Lord teach us your paths, that we may follow you and serve you. Break us away from everything that has taken your place in our lives and keep us here in your presence, worshipping forever and with all that we are.



---📖Joshua 24:14-15

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